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2025 Ray Cammack Show's Awards Entry - COMING SOON!

How To Submit Entry For Awards

    • Change quantity next to the category you would like to submit (note you can only submit one award at a time, once done with first then come back to this page to continue submitting) then click on ENTER NOW
    • Complete all necessary fields on entry form page pertaining to the award you are submitting. (If submitting for 1. Best Newspaper Ad- Black & White, then complete all of Section 1, Section 2, and under Section 3 only under Category 1. Repeat this process for each entry submission)
    • Once all information is entered on form, click submit on form and your entry will go to the shopping cart.
    • If you have more award entries to submit, continue shopping and come back to this page to continue theprocess.
    • When you have submitted all entries, go to your shopping cart, and CHECK OUT to complete payment process.

***NEW Best Overall Award

ALL NEW FORMAT! The Best Overall Award will now be scored on a compilation of 1)Total Number of Entries. 2) Total First Place Awards 3) Total Second Place Awards. The most winningest fair/event will be selected BEST OVERALL, by size of event category!

Judging Criteria:Based on numbers of entries and total awards won scoring system. In the event of a time. The head judge will make the final determination. Judges’ decision is final. Awards entered incorrectly will not be scored

Marketing Awards Information

Category 1

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